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  • Stolen Bike
  • 2012 foot pursuit… Didymus
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Welcome to Last Night’s Shift, by Russell Rowley.

I have been writing and posting my experiences for more than 15 years. During that time I’ve been providing details of my life and times as a police officer. I created this website so I can pass on my experiences and teach people what REALLY goes on in the mind of those who are involved in Law Enforcement.

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Donuts and Ammunition
Life is good again
Don’t be shocked by a Pedofile

During my time on the street, I’ve worked with a police officers, sheriff deputies, Highway Patrol Officers, and even officers from any what-have-you-force.
One reason I write and post stories is so that I can give a real picture into what is really happening in the Life on the Beat.
My stories include the ups and downs of police life. I talk about the high speed chases, the family fights, the patrol cars, the bickering from the hallways and police department parking lots.
As a note of interest, during the earlier years of my web presence, I owned the domain “Life on the Beat”, however, I started working as an undercover officer with the department. I was lucky enough to work some large cases. During those years I was unable to write about my experiences (though, I’m putting a book together…which because of legal reasons, might be 10 years before I am able to publish it). I let the domain name expire and the rest is history. Many of my stories detailed the shifts I worked the night before, so “Last Night’s Shift” is a domain that I feel is very fitting for my posts.
I’ve also made a lot of friends over the last 15 years. Some are internet friends, so are friends in my real life. I’ve asked  a few of them to share some stories on my site. So, take some time to read their posts as well. We all love comments…. only good ones though :)    So, take the time to let us know what you think.
As I think about the old days of my site, I can brag that I was “blogging” before blogging was even invented. In fact, the first online blog I ever saw. It interested me so much that I was sorta sad that I hadn’t beat someone to the punch.
I’m a street cop, so I guess it’s better to stick with that.
(By the way…..the stories you read are true. But, if I get in trouble, I’ll deny I said that, LOL)
In the meantime, take the time to “Like” my page on facebook, “Last Night’s Shift“
and send a friend request to “Russell Rowley“.
My twitter account is
Give me a suggestion of what you want to read
Ask me a question about Law Enforcement
Send me a Story

Post on my comment box below, tell me how long you’ve been a fan, where your from, or other fun stuff.

my email address is Lastnightsshift —take out a space when you paste, so the spammers have a hard time


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  • Art Lefkowitz (Thursday, February 27 14 10:44 pm EST)

    Russell, Thanks for 10 years of good reads. Have you ever had to arrest a friend or relative? Has anyone you ever arrested got back to you and told you, you did the right thing?
    Sebring, FL

  • Art Lefkowitz (Wednesday, January 01 14 06:14 pm EST)

    Russell, Thanks for 10 years of good reads. Have you ever had to arrest a friend or relative? Has anyone you ever arrested got back to you and told you, you did the right thing?
    Sebring, FL

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